[PDF] Download Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE by MS Chouhan - PDF Download

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Organic chemistry is one of the most important subject for JEE MAIN and its weightage is almost 33% of chemistry .  It is scoring subject but also need lots of practice and concept to tackle questions of organic chemistry . Each chapter contain more than 250 questions + enough for practice JEE MAIN. 

Why M.S Chouhan Organic Chemistry book Is Good For JEE MAIN? 

(Advance problem organic chemistry jee main one of the most recommended book for organic chemistry by teacher for JEE MAIN Aspirants)
This book written by MS Chouhan sir published by BALAJI PUBLICATION is perfect book for JEE MAIN organic chemistry. 

Some features of this book

> Each chapter contain more than 250 questions.
> Contain questions with solutions .
> written by Ms chouhan sir vibrant Faculty .
> most recommended book by teacher .
> fully based on JEE MAIN syllabus .
> latest edition books. 
> This book is divided into two level , 1st level contain objective type questions and 2nd level contain all types of questions according to JEE MAIN latest syllabus. 
> Book prepared in such a way that level of questions increasing slowly. 
> This is practice book not contain any theory .

Questions level of Advance Problem in ORGANIC Chemistry MS Chouhan?

This book contains almost 300 questions in each chapter with different level of questions .
Some questions are very easy that it can be solved within a second And some questions need time and concept to solve questions . So according to me all questions are fully based for JEE MAIN syllabus ideal for JEE MAIN preparation . But I am sure you will enjoy to solve book .

Is MS CHOUHAN ADVANCE PROBLEM IN Organic Chemistry ideal for JEE advance?

Yes , Ms chouhan advance problem in Organic chemistry good for JEE advance . But I recommend you to solve other book also .

[PDF] Download Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry for JEE by M.S. Chouhan - PDF Download

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