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To crack exams like IIT JEE, NEET, one should have practiced well with plenty amount of questions, understand their strength and weakness. N Awasthi physical Chemistry PDF
 which is also known as N Awasthi physical chemistry gives good practice for numerical. So students can get benefits from the book who cannot afford to buy.

Narendra Avasthi Physical Chemistry NEET PDF
The book provides a brief theory of each chapter and the content is designed in a very systematic way, so that the readers do not face any difficulty or hurdles in getting the concepts. Each chapter of the book contains problems in graded methods or in three stages that make it easier for the students to solve the problem easily and understand the concept. 

Why Narendra Awasthi Physical Chemistry PDF?

  • There are a lot of basic questions to help you improve your speed, revision, and application of direct concepts.
  • You can practice them to improve your accuracy, speed, and, of course, time management. So it’s a nice one for numerical problems in JEE Main Chemistry.
  • Extremely difficult questions about the topic, requiring the application of several concepts studied in the chapter as well as prior chapters, and solving which offers you a great deal of satisfaction.
  • Enhances your analytical and thinking abilities significantly.


➢ Good Quality of Problems (Numericals)
➢ All kinds of questions are represented
➢ Chapter-wise questions 


The level of problems presented in the book are specially meant for the NEET candidates. 

There are three levels of problems given in the book which are as follows:

Level I
Level one consists of problems based on basic concepts and are helpful to start the topic.

Level II
In the second level problems are designed with some twists and facts.

Level III
Level three are comprehensive with more than one right options, contains matching type problems, reason type problems and much more to familiarize the aspirants with NEET exam pattern.


This site is made for the JEE and NEET hopefuls to download study materials, PDFs, and digital books for nothing. In the event that you think the material is valuable generously purchase these from the distributors. This website doesn’t have its own Material our site just gives the connections that are on the web from various sources. In the event that you have any sort of issue or queries please reach us on the given email, and our group guarantees to do its best. Our site Doesn’t uphold robbery these duplicates are just for the monetarily helpless understudies and the person who needs it. 


➢ Stoichiometry
➢ Atomic structure
➢ Gaseous state
➢ Thermodynamics
➢ Chemical equilibrium
➢ Ionic equilibrium
➢ Chemical kinetics and Nuclear chemistry
➢ Electrochemistry
➢ Dilute solution
➢ Solid state
➢ Surface chemistry



ABOUT THE AUTHOR (Narendra Awasthi)

Narendra Awasthi is a Good Teacher and has a Experience of 20 Years in Teaching.
He is the ‘Director Of Vibrant Academy Kota’ Their educated children also score good ranks in IIT JEE, MAINS, and Advance.

How To Perform Excellent In NEET 2022 ?

NEET is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India for which lakhs of students appear every year. Unfortunately, only a few hundred students are able to crack NEET and secure a seat in their desired medical colleges. Those who fail to crack the exam or do not get their desired score usually choose to reattempt the NEET exam by dropping one year to solely prepare for the competitive exam. We think this says a lot about the type of competition every aspiring medical student has to go through to fulfill his/her dream of becoming a good doctor. Keeping the level of competition in mind, a NEET aspirant should be prepared in advance if he/she truly wants to score well. Whether you’re a class 11th student who’s just starting the NEET journey or a 12th student who’s going to appear for the NEET exam in the coming months, you all seriously need to buckle up. 

“An hour of planning can save you hours of doing”. This is why every NEET expert always tells you to plan out your NEET strategy before starting with your preparation. 

Did you know? The NEET preparation syllabus has more than 95 chapters and 14,000+ concepts, so your NEET preparation plan has to be better than everyone. This is why we have prepared a 1 year NEET study plan, which will help you in unleashing your true potential to crack the NEET Exam in just the first attempt.

1.  Familiarize yourself with the NEET Syllabus

Before making a study plan, you should be well aware of the syllabus for the NEET exam. There are four sections in NEET i.e. Chemistry, Physics, Botany, and Zoology, these sections are a part of NCERT class 11th & 12th syllabus. NCERT books are highly recommended for NEET as they help in laying the foundation for a basic understanding of every concept

2. Create  A Doable Timetable 

Everything is in the air if you do not have a proper timetable. As a student, you have to attend your school while preparing for the competitive examination, not having a timetable will only harm you in the long run. For example, when you study a book- you look at the units, no. of chapters, no. of exercises, and then study everything in a sequence. Imagine if there was no index, how you will be able to figure out the content? In the same way, if you do not have a timetable, you will be left confused about what and when to study. 

Some tips to keep in mind while preparing your NEET study plan
You know yourself better than anyone else, don’t blindly follow any timetable. Do your research and make modifications accordingly. 
Don’t forget to add breaks. Taking breaks between your studies is very important as you can’t study for 8 hours at a stretch. Not taking breaks will turn out to be unproductive in the long run. 
Keep your school and NEET coaching center hours in mind while drafting your study plan.
Divide the syllabus into parts, and which chapter or topic you will be studying – plan it all in advance. 
Keep holidays in mind so that you can make full utilization of your time. 
Don’t forget to dedicate some days solely for revision. Revision is very important as if you study a topic and don’t revise it, your mind will forget it. You need to revise everything once in a while to keep the information fresh in your mind.

3. Figure Out Which Subject Needs More Time 


When you’re preparing for NEET, you should make yourself well aware of each subject’s difficulty level and devote your time accordingly. When it comes to biology, it’s all about theory and does not require critical thinking. It is only about remembering the facts, scientific names, diagrams, definitions, and concepts. You should also be well aware of all the diagrams, examples, and should be able to label them accordingly. A lot of questions in NEET are based on diagrams, so you should by heart all of them. 


Chemistry includes both theory and practical applications, there are mainly three parts of chemistry for NEET – Physical, Organic, and Inorganic chemistry. Physical chemistry questions are more formula-based, so you should be well versed with all the formulas and types of questions. When it comes to organic chemistry, they’re solely based on a student’s learning. They’re to the point, so a candidate must by heart all chemical reactions along with names of chemicals. Whereas Inorganic chemistry can be utilized for scoring well, if a candidate truly understands each concept, they will surely score full marks in inorganic chemistry. Learn the periodic table, revise it every day till you don’t have it at your fingertips. 


Physics is the most difficult subject in NEET, as all the questions in the question paper are more formula and application-based. You will definitely need a good amount of time for solving the questions. If you want to score well, you should be well aware of all the formulas and their applications. For this, you can practice more and more questions while you’re studying. 

Dividing the subjects and topics as per difficulty level will help you in figuring out which needs more time and more practice. It will help in your setting your priorities the right way so that you’re not wasting your time on something that is only supposed to be memorized. You will also get to know about your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on them accordingly. 

4. Make Notes While Reading 

If you’re simply reading books, it won’t help you in the long run as you’re not keeping a track of what you have studied. If you don’t prepare notes as you read, you will surely face a lot of complications while revising. You will always remember things for a long time if you write them down. So, when you’re reading a new chapter, concept, or topic, make a habit of making notes side by side. When you will make your own notes, you will be using a language that suits you well, you can also add your own short forms and explanations. These things will get imprinted in your mind, and you will be able to revise each concept very quickly when you’re short on time. 

5. Don’t Forget NCERT Books 

If you talk to any NEET expert, the first book they will recommend is NCERT. We could not agree more as NCERT books are the foundation for anyone who’s preparing for NEET. NCERT books are flooded with all the important topics, and concepts, their explanations along accurate examples. They explain every topic in a detailed step-by-step manner, the language used is also very easy to understand and to the point. They help students to understand everything in a more precise way, students can utilize them as quick reference books and revision guides when they’re short on time. If a student thoroughly studies NCERT books, he/she can easily solve most of the NEET exam questions. 

6. Solve Previous Year Question Papers & Take NEET Mock Tests 

As we have already discussed earlier, practice is the key when you want to crack the NEET exam. Previous year question papers will help in understanding the type of questions you will have to solve while attempting the NEET exam. Otherwise, if you just study and don’t practice, you will take too much time to solve the questions. This will decrease your chances of cracking NEET. But if you practice thoroughly and analyze all the mistakes you made, you will be able to get to know your weak points. This will give you enough time to practice and work on them before the actual exam. 

You can also give your NEET preparation a boost with NEET Mock tests, as it gives you real-time stimulation. Mock tests are designed in such a way that they imitate real NEET tests, they will help you in getting accustomed to the actual examination setting. 

For previous year’s question papers you can search our website and press the download button. 

We hope that the above study plan for NEET helps you in scoring well. We highly recommend you to not follow any XYZ study plan you see online, rather modify it to fit your own needs. Every student is different with a unique learning pattern, so anything which is not customized to suit you might only leave you confused. 

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